Bei Bei Shuai and her lawyer Linda Pence battle charges of murder and attempted feticide. Bei Bei's crime?

Attempting suicide while pregnant.

Pregnant, recently abandoned by the father of her child, and alone in a foreign land, Bei Bei Shuai attempts suicide by drinking rat poison, a common suicide method in China. Rushed to the hospital by her friends, she survives, but the baby, delivered prematurely by C-section dies in her arms. Instantly, she's transformed from a grieving mother into a felon. Charged with attempted feticide and first-degree murder, she spends 14 months in jail before her lawyer Linda Pence gets her out on bail. For the next year, Bei Bei and Linda battle charges that could put Bei Bei in jail for 45 years to life.

Extraordinary access to Bei Bei and Linda as they fight the charges, culminating in an unexpected and surprising resolution, is counterpointed by Bei Bei and Linda's personal narrative. Along the way, Linda & Bei Bei uncover hidden political motives behind the case that could affect many more women than just Bei Bei. The film is an in depth look at how political, cultural and legal forces can conspire to disrupt and wreck the lives of societies’ most vulnerable and marginalized people.